Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Rose coloured glasses: thoughts

Just some thoughts about Rose Coloured Glasses, time and how the world goes around...

I was chatting to a friend online today and they said to me "Lisa, you have too much free time."
I asked what they meant and they suggested I spend a lot of time at home, online and just in general seem to be on facebook a lot.

This got me thinking.

Yes, it is true. I am online a lot. Every day. Okay, most days.
I spent hours on Facebook, Trade Me, stuff (and other news sites), checking emails... But what most people don't realise is that all that time on Facebook- it isn't me just mucking around. Or re-posting spam pictures, memes and things that need citation. I'm helping to moderate two very different groups. Answering members questions - through Private Messages, messages on the page (public) and clearing up misconceptions (myths, repeated misinformation) etc.

I wouldn't say I have 'too much free time'. I just choose to use my time in ways which most people don't.

There's no hiding the fact I do have health worries going on. - I do have an anxiety condition, along with that Baker's Lung I keep talking about. I'm also working part time, so yes, I do seem to have a lot of "me time" rather than "work time".
That said though, as I outlined above I do work on other projects. I volunteer for quite a variety of projects - from home tutoring to ushering...

I also clean for 2 families.
I'm also still teaching ESOL for the Korean kids at a local language academy.

My two teaching roles do require quite a bit of organising before the lessons.
- Making up worksheets, finding resources at the library... etc.

 Anyway, this probably seems like a bunch of random thoughts, but it's always a good idea never to judge someone even when you know them inside out, because everyone has things they're trying to avoid or hide in their lives...