Monday, 30 September 2013

Rose coloured Tinted glasses. 30th of September.

Hmmm, so it's the end of September already. Where has this year gone!?

Things I have done this year.
Found a few websites online:

  • One is called Pinterest a pretty neat online pin-board type thing where you can create your own boards (as many as you want) and then can pin things to them. There are millions of things on there. I've created a few boards myself; My boards

  • Another is AT Apartment Therapy which is a design type website, about DIY and home design. It features a blog type interface (that's how I describe it anyway!) with interviews, submissions from readers. They also run "Style Cures" in August I did one on our lounge area. Every day there are new updates and new competitions run every month or so. At the moment they're running a Room for Colour Contest. I also did a pinterest board for the style cure which you can see here (it has photos of before and after).

  • I was encouraged to do some of my own science experimenting when I found Leah's blog, through pinterest. I also joined her Facebook group and became an admin.

  • I became more vocal in my decision to be Child Free. I wrote articles on my blog and added to discussions in online forums. Most of these are on Facebook groups. (Most of which I think are actually hidden). I also replied to articles on Stuff Nation about Child Freedom and also wrote an article on there as well. 

  • I am still constantly researching about Occupational Asthma, Baker's Lung Blog post and Stuff Nation Baker's Lung. I have found some others around the world with similar stories, of occupational asthma hitting them. However I still have not found anyone who like me has been diagnosed in less than 2 years of exposure. Most people with Occupational Asthma are exposed to the allergen/ cause over long periods of time, so they get their diagnosis after 20 or so years of being exposed. 
I also moved into an apartment for the first time in my life. And I love it. It's awesome. I know it's not for everyone but we like it. Sure we get some noise transfer from the neighbours *waves* but it's not so bad. Especially if I'm home alone, it feels like there are people close by - which is good.