Sunday, 29 September 2013

Rose Tinted Glasses and Illness

Okay,  sorry in advance for today's topic. If you're squeamish you may want to skip today's post.
I'm still not 100% and so today, I talk about illness.

So for the past, maybe, week or so I have been sick with something that is like the flu. I haven't been to my doctor yet to confirm this.

Anyway, as I was saying yesterday I got my flu vaccine this year (first time ever) due to my status as being an asthmatic. (Thank you Baker's Lung!)

Wish I was feeling well enough to be up and out of bed with some tea...

I've gone from aches and pains, fever and chills... to stomach upset, vomiting. Yeah. Not fun. To top it off I also have this pesky cough. It was fine until it moved into my chest.
Every time I cough today I feel like vomiting even more, so I am trying to just rest quietly. I'm achy and smelly. Really should go have a shower, but argh. Can't, won't move for fear of being sick again. Ick. I hate this.

Feeling sick like this has got me thinking about my mental health as well, so far this year I have improved. I'm feeling less anxious, and less panicked (until I have an asthma attack and then it's all on)...
Overall I am trying to feel calmer and more relaxed, even with the stress of not working much and being on a break from study.

I am currently on break from teaching ESOL at the moment too, as it's school holidays. My students are all having an out of town break - exploring more of New Zealand. It's probably a good thing that I can't remember where they have gone to!

Anyway, keeping this post short...

 Until next time,

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