Wednesday, 16 October 2013

October already!?

Oh my, how this month has flown by.

You're probably left staring at my blog wondering where I've been off to, since there hasn't been a post in a few weeks!

Not to fret. I am back.

Had a bit of time off from blogging, trying to get my head screwed back on right.

I've just finished up my teaching stint at the Korean school. Back into interviews.

Feels like I "nailed it" today (Pitch perfect reference there) at the interview.

Here's hoping it's a success and not like the "insurance job" where I was told at the interview they were keen to see me again for a second interview - then got a call the next day to say they'd found someone else. *Sigh*.

This has happened before.

Found a few more jobs today while in town between the interview and eating lunch with Dan and his work mates.

Going to try my luck and put my CV into as many hands as I possibly can.

Applied for over 10 jobs yesterday alone. Add those to the 12 I'd sent out the day before.

Sort of frustrating to see I can't use Student Job Search now - as I am not a registered student any more.
Luckily trademe has plenty of listings for a variety of roles. So here's hoping I've handed enough CV's out!

Waiting for the call to find out yay or nay is difficult. I'm left in suspense. Not knowing what to do...

Do I apply for other jobs?
Do I wait to hear back?

No idea. In the meantime, facebook... texting friends... trying to enjoy the sunshine.

More pictures next post, I promise!