Tuesday, 5 November 2013

5th November.

And just like that unemployed once more. 
Went in to see my boss on Friday and he said there's no work for me, along with 13 others.

Back to the drawing board.

Today, in an attempt to relax.... I had a "Spa Day" at home. 

before: damp hair...

Egg and oil for my hair mask. (I used regular cooking oil). Higher quality oil is better.
This is 3 eggs beaten into 1/4 cup of oil

Applied the egg + oil mask. Leaving it on for about an hour. 

Face mask on: being goofy!

Freeman's brand. Available at Farmers and chemists.

Making funny faces when I was realising that I can't move my face as the mask dries!

1/2 washed off, see there's a human under there: somewhere! 

Hair rinsed and drying, and mask is all off.

After the masks and relaxing so much, I decided to make myself a good ol' cup of tea, so I thought I may as well try out my new glass tea pot and new Fortune Flower tea from "t Leaf T':


It starts out like a hard ball thing. You rinse it under water, then pop it into a boiling hot water filled tea pot.
More fun to do it in a glass one so you can watch it do it's magic! 

The flower...

It's a thing of beauty!

And it tastes delicious. You can also rinse off the flower and re-use it. Or in my case, simply add more hot water to the pot once you've consumed all the tea!

**Best to be shared with others. I'm just greedy!

This post was in no way sponsored by t Leaf T. They are a great company though!