Wednesday, 6 November 2013

How do you write when you have nothing to talk about?

I've been reading quite a bit online the past 48 hours about writing and blogging. Thinking about how to do this as a career, or at least as a sub-career to my teaching.

I've come across some interesting things, like:

I realised I need to write more often, even with shorter posts. Because shorter posts more often is better than less posts of more substance, surely?

And while on that thought process wavelength I thought about travel, the journey. The destination.
Five days ago I lost my job. Instead of grieving over it- I should be kind of rejoicing. It's like excitement. There's bigger and better things out there, even though every day there's another horrible rejection letter in my inbox. *Sigh*.

One day.


I hope.

In the meantime, watching more TV shows online, hoping I become seen - soon enough - to go far.

Every day the inevitable rejection after rejection and the constant stream of applications.


One day.
Forever filled with Hope.