Monday, 18 November 2013

A whirlwind and a special guest request

Today started out like any other weekday: Dan leaving at some crazy hour for work. Waking me up and then leaving me in bed.

Managed to nap again. I then awoke, grabbed a bowl of cereal. Sat down at the laptop and logged in. Found an email about a Childfree google hangout, thought "why not?" logged in, and found whoopee! Just on time to join in! (Didn't even think about the time zone differences or anything! No planning!)
perfect timing on my behalf.

Video chatted with Marcia Drut-Davis, her husband and another CF man named Dann.
Pretty cool to meet a famous CF person! (Marcia that is for anyone who reads this and unfamiliar with CF people in the news.)

Logged into facebook afterwards to do some more admin work. (I admin on a couple of groups and pages)... Unpaid but well worth the fun times that go along with it.

I'm on Facebook for a while, reading CF group posts and things and keeping an eye on people in the groups I watch over... and I get a PM from my little sister Rosie.

Rosie suggested I write a blog post about the word YOLO.
Now I am a huge lover of syntax, but the word YOLO is a weird one for me. I use it when I'm home with my family (around my younger siblings especially) but never with my friends in Wellington.
It's a weird one.
Anyway, the word YOLO.

YOLO stands for You Only Live Once.
You Obviously Love Owls (yes, yes, I do!)
You Only Love Once...

YOLO has a huge fan base. From pre-teens and teens to the old people...

This music video was one of the first places I'd heard of Yolo:
YOLO song by the lonely island

There's also the Urban Dictionary view of Yolo:
urbandictionary: yolo

Of course there's a plethora of Memes online as well... aren't they everywhere?

And then, just when I thought the YOLO craze was coming to a crazy downward spiral never to be seen or heard from again, this happens: 

My precious dictionaries!

With the English language constantly evolving... new words being invented daily, and more and more people using the internet to share ideas, languages, thoughts, videos, songs and blogs... there's a higher demand than ever to include new words into the language at a faster rate.

I've been in contact with the Dictionary Centre at Victoria University (where I was doing some Linguistics Studies) and learned that a new word being used has to be used by a certain number of native speakers in certain contexts before it will be added into dictionaries. This means that although new words are being invented -almost daily- by teenagers and others in local society... that it does take some time for words to be accepted and widely used.