Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I'm not afraid to speak my mind

I'm not afraid to speak my mind and if that makes me a bully. I don't care.

I noticed that people are too scared to make a scene so they just things be. I can't just stand by and let things happen.

I was on Facebook yesterday and noticed something was amiss in a group I'm in, not going to name names or the group...but let's just say things were not as they seemed.
Someone else actually pointed it out to me before I even noticed.

And then when I told the admin, well... what a reply. She had her hands "tied" and "couldn't make any decisions" herself.

Oh really?!

Sounds like someone's not really an admin person then. Moderators and Admins in groups on Facebook are there for one reason: to control the group.

I'm an Admin in a couple of groups and a page.
I can tell members off, I can adjust the rules, I can do what I like to ensure the group/ page is running smoothly (of course within reason!)... this woman, just couldn't do anything herself.

What's the point of having the title, if you can't *do* the job?