Monday, 11 November 2013

When the lights come on I'll be ready for this...

Some thoughts about my day and things I've been up to...

Every day I open the laptop and check my emails. Today there were few, most were from a couple of people who're interested in the room we have up for rent, on trademe.

Turned on the iPod and have been listening to music for most of the day. It's background noise, not enough to drown out everything but enough.

The courier tried to come this morning at 7:30am, I am never awake that early. I woke at 8:20am.

Wishing, hoping, it's not enough, I am frustrated at not working. Too much free time.

My mind is left to wander, so I go on facebook - keeping an eye on the groups I am an admin for. Making sure the members follow the rules.
Haven't had to ban or remove anyone recently. Must be doing a good job.

Outside the sky is overcast, there's a chill in the air. It's meant to be spring, where did this coldness come from?