Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Back to December...

Today's the 4th of December.

Not a lot has happened on the job front: more rejection letters and emails.

More applications sent every day.

One good thing? Eva's Attic re-opened so I have more shop experience coming up before Christmas. I just wish I got paid! Volunteering is pretty awesome though.

A bonus for December? A few family birthdays, a family wedding for a cousin, being able to eat candy canes... having a Christmas tree up. Oooh and having an advent calendar with chocolates. (Mine's of the Justice League this year).

Not loving? Hearing Christmas songs & seeing Christmas decorations in September! There's a time and place people: December 1st means it's okay to go ahead and decorate the tree and the house and all the things! *giggles*.

We've been pretty reserved having a tree in the lounge, and I have a pretty mini one on my dressing table. They're both those cool Fibre Optic glowy thing ones.

Hoping it's a relaxing one... we're having a quiet one.
Dan's mum is coming to stay. The menu? Roasted chicken & veggies and salads and hopefully more seasonal fruits (berries) if I can get my hands on some more!

In the mean time, hoping the weather clears up long enough for the outside ceremony to take place for my cousin's wedding!