Monday, 6 January 2014

A little history lesson

So in 2005 this guy named Tom wrote a blog Here called Wellurban which he based a blog post on the location of my current apartment.

The address has changed slightly, we've officially moved "next door". It's not 140 or 144 but 142. Weirdly mail addressed as 140 or 142 gets through. I haven't tested to see if mail addressed as 144 gets to us.

A picture of old Liks now Ilbordello, which is again changing it's name again this year.

Chrissy was the woman who set up the place that was the loser to arson, now the location of my apartment building which ironically is filled with a rainbow assortment of people. Last year Dan and I flatted with a lesbian woman. This year, not such a rainbow flat.

Building rumours...  It's interesting to read back on what Tom and others thought a few years before the current building was actually built in 2009.