Saturday, 7 June 2014

Friday night music, parties, drinking, noise, peace, quiet

So it's Friday night, and I'm home alone for most of the evening. I don't mind. It's peaceful. I watch TV. I play some music. I'm drinking juice, and later green tea.
I've fallen - hard - for Peppermint & Lemon tea. It's freshening yet tangy.

The neighbours upstairs are a group of guys, they're playing music from around 4 in the afternoon. I swear at least one of them is home all day. Like me. I hear him walking around that's how I know.
Their music wafts through the floorboards above my head. It's hard to think.

It's much, much later now, after 10pm our flatmate is home - watching TV in his room. The guys above continue to (I assume) drink and party. Their music continues.

The flatmate goes to bed. I should be heading to bed too, but I stay up listening to the night noises. The hum of the fridge. The noises of people outside in the alleyway.

Even later, after midnight and the guys up stairs are now on their balcony, talking, laughing. They've been drinking and partying a while. You can tell by their topics of choice, their laughter wholehearted.

Tomorrow, well really later today, I have a big day planned so I should head off to sleep.