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Growing out the Pixie Cut

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In around May 2013 I had my hair cut into a pixie cut. I went for a long version. Sort of like:
My hairdresser didn't want to cut my hair that short, which is why the long version was good, I could work out exactly what the length was and how the hair reacted to it. (Some hair [types & colours] suits certain styles better, as do certain face shapes. I'm no expert on either.)
This is another image I used:
This is the Long Pixie in a picture of me:

Three months later it was growing out already so I went back to my hairdresser and asked for the 'short' version of the Pixie cut. [He was much happier to do the short version after I'd been rocking the long version for a few months.] 
So it transitioned to be like this: (Oh yeah, that is me in blue).

I waited for it to grow out, so 7 months later I needed urgent help for a "mullet problem". (Refer to the mullet photo in the link on instagram - below). It is hilarious. I actually didn't realise how bad it looked until after the haircut. I mean I knew it was bad... but wowsa. Haha. If you get more regular trims at around 3-4 months the Mullet won't become such a bad look. Trust me I barely left the house during this time.

I'm due for another trim in about 3 weeks time, so hopefully I can just get a little off the ends and although it sounds counter-productive to be trimming the ends, it is actually helping me ensure they're healthy. No split ends and stuff. It's a personal choice, but it also helps to ensure the haircut/style is looking good as it grows further out too. I try to stretch between trims as much as I can, which is why I go approximately every 3-4  months. When it's grown longer (to tie up) I'll go less often, and only get the ends done. 

If you have bangs you'll need to trim them more often I guess. I've decided to grow mine out, it's just getting to the annoying hair in the eyes length. So now it is an angled fringe and kind of swept off to one side. This is just how I'm dealing with it while it grows out. 
Bandannas or scarves can help with this. Same with hair bands... 
When the fringe/bangs are long enough you can also clip them back.  

** Another recommendation came from my hairdresser who said - it is good if you have some kind of vision board. pin board (or pinterest board in my case) to show where you've been and where you want your hair to go. Now bear in mind that the images you'll see of celebrities etc will be touched up with hair products containing silicones and sulfates, their shine looks addictive, but you can get shiny hair on the no/low poo journey so keep at it. Healthy hair shines too. Here is my board:

              I've got a bunch of photos of my hair growth and changes on Instagram...

Pre-Mullet -

Mullet Pride -

Haircut - rid of the Mullet - 
(This is a classic bob cut, not an inverted one. With bangs).
Hair changes - hair cut etc -
Length (about 3 months ago) -

Another collage collection to compare length -

show night - (2 months ago)

Australia trip - (3 weeks ago)
Two weeks ago: fringe is getting grown out too-

These photos are of my hair before I was doing this and before I'd cut off the really damaged hair: (Long hair, mid back). (shoulder length hair, this is the length it was for the first pixie pre-cut). (Really, really damaged hair. I was doing CO washing at this stage).

Here is a post about a quick up-do I did on June 1st, 2014. Excuse how messy it is, and the red face: sick at the moment. (You may need to join the group to access this link).

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*** The journey is my own and no other, so I may be offering advice which counter-acts what your own hairdresser and research says, so do your homework and follow the advice of your hairdresser regarding how often you should get your hair cut or trim. 

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