Thursday, 31 July 2014

Updates: of Health & Work or rather the lack thereof.

So I haven't been great at writing this year. I've been busy with things going on - Facebook group admin work on a number of groups (closed and open) they're all fun in their own ways. The topics that come up are entertaining and can be time consuming to solve. 
It's a great test of my patience (I test others patience too! I am sure) as well as for my problem solving
skills. Honestly it isn't all fluffy puppies and butterflies.

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Updates, fun times and challenges...


Have to say my No Poo Hair styling is going well. Today I dried it with my hair drier so that explains some of the volume I have today. I tend to try to dry my hair with a quick rub with a towel, but it often ends up being a tad frizzy. It is also a bit hard on my hair in general, as I have fine hair. So it is a good idea to use something like a micro-fibre towel to dry it. But the occasional blow dry isn't always a bad thing. The Facebook group is here: No Poo FB group. Also see how long my hair has grown since last year? I had a Pixie cut done twice last year - see my blog posts; Blog Post: Hair first post
Blog Post: Hair post two and Grow out the pixie cut update. Pretty much the first pixie cut was a Long Pixie cut, then a short one a few months later. After the short pixie cut I decided to grow it out again, so now I'm still growing my hair out. It takes a long time to grow out. No where near the length I want it to be. This will be an on-going process for a couple more years yet! 


On top of the Hair updates, and Facebook Admin roles... I have to admit something. So since 2006 when Mike passed away I've had battles with my mental health. I have Depression and Anxiety. 
I'm being treated without medications - however I do completely understand that medications do have their place for some people.  I've chosen to take the treatment route without medications and I think it's fine. I'm also doing CBT treatment (Cognitive behavioural therapy - it is a way of changing your thought patterns to help treat the feelings you get.) So like, for me it's about recognising when I'm starting to get anxious before it blows up into a full blown attack, and bringing myself back to 'centre' through meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, and a variety of other things - art too. 

Part of my treatment is also pushing myself to do things that scare me a bit. Like I'm quite introverted, so I find things like crowded and loud restaurants a bit scary and overwhelming. It's good to push my limits a little. It helps I have an incredible boyfriend Dan who is my support when we are out and about. 


                            Dan and I recently celebrated our 3 year anniversary on the 11th of July. 
                          No we're not engaged. No plan for that yet. Still both firmly Childfree as well.

**The Childfree community is on lock down, so things are changing. Outside of the closed and secret Facebook groups the community is on a big lock down due to the media; Father kills son in Hot Car to live 'Child-free' life Due to that story (and a number of others regarding children being left in hot cars and dying as a result) the CF community went into lock down mode. Mods and admin alike are going through everywhere with a fine tooth comb to try to protect the members we do have who are CF. Parts of the community (certain groups) have willingly accepted parents into their groups and for others this isn't acceptable, so it's a bit of a mixed bag at the moment. Reddit threads were closed and locked down which prior to this had been open and public. 

I have nothing wrong with parents, or the choice to be a parent. Likewise I also have no problem with people making up their own minds over these things as a personal choice. 
I'm pro-choice for everything....from abortion, to marriage and childrearing - or the choice not to do these things.

3 years with this guy!

This is the picture I painted for Dan, it's hanging proudly next to his desk. So happy I could do it secretly without Dan knowing that I'd done it. 

The following two pictures we had drawn of us at a local gallery Matchbox Studios. The artists hold the copyright to the images, so all copyright goes to them. Their Facebook pages are under each image.

The images were $10 each, and not obliged to buy any. In total we sat for a 15 minute pose, and then could choose from any of the 5 images we had drawn of us. The two above are the two we bought on the day. The other 2 artists were also awesome too - but we only had enough money to buy two.

Pretty much that is the summery of what's been going on the past few months.... 
Crazy times on Facebook in a number of groups - meeting more cool people. 
Enjoying therapy sessions once a fortnight with my counsellor.
Meeting up with the NZ Skeptics in the Pub Wellington group - and doing ASA (advertising standards authority) complaints about advertisements on websites and print medium. 
I'm also still looking for part time work to help supplement the income I get from an on call job.

The next few months bring their own fun, challenges and excitement.

Until next time.