Monday, 4 August 2014

Nails it's the small things

I've been thinking about how it's the small things that really make the day a good one, or a bad one. It is almost like the little things really matter, and then some days we don't notice the little things so much.

Today I spent most of the day waiting for the courier. It's annoying that I have to be here. A real test of my patience. But it's going to be good. New things. Changes. All good things.

The little things, like my nails are growing more....
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Sometimes it is just the little things, like my nails are growing more; Which makes me happy.
Then again sort of lame since I now need to re-do my nail polish! I swear I just did it a few days ago. Okay more like a week ago.

I have so many pins on my board for nails, (don't we all just seem to pin "all the things" and don't really re-use or do the ideas behind the pin[s]...)

Then again, I did buy some Nail Stamps. They're really pretty and hard to perfect, but look amazing when they're done flawlessly!
Well worth the effort to learn how to do it and perfect it.
I'm still practising. ;)

In the meantime I'm trying to grow my nails out - so I can have my nails done in a salon for my birthday. Or rather, actually, having them done at home by a pro. Still good either way.

                                 Couple of snaps of my freshly done manicure from today:

My right hand seems to have faster growing nails, but I don't know why this would be - other than it's my more dominant hand. The purple pinky nail is the longest and it's just the purple polish with a top coat layer. The right thumb just has a coat of OPI (Suzi's Hungary Again is the shade) along with a layer of top coat (Sally Hansen Shiny Top Coat). The other fingers/thumb have a layer of glittery polish (silver colour in clear polish) which is Calvin Klein brand.