Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My 100th Post and 100 things about me (that you probably don't know)

So apparently it's a 'thing' to do a list of 100 things about yourself for your 100th blog post... I have no idea how I'm going to come up with 100 but we will see how this goes.
This is also the Lucky 100th post, it's taken a few years and a lot of missed posts - I haven't been fantastic at the whole "blog post each week" promise I made years ago!

1. I'm technically a Lisa Marie, in other words officially I don't have a middle name!
2. I'm the oldest in my family - oldest child, oldest sibling, oldest cousin, oldest grandchild (on both sides) as well as oldest granddaughter (on both sides).
3. My High School Sweetheart died when I was 18.
4. My Parents are High School Sweethearts.
5. My Parents share their birthday, although in different years - Dad is older.
6. I learned Dance when I was a child.
7. I cannot wear High Heels.
8. I don't have children and I don't want any: I'm Childfree.
9. I've bitten my nails since I was a child. (Onychophagia).
10. I have been treated for Depression.
11. I'm open about health and contraception.
12. I've talked about having an IUD on Facebook.
13. I have an Instagram account where I upload photos (I'm better at photography than writing it seems!)
14. I love drinking tea. Green tea. Iced. It doesn't bother me.
15. I love pineapples.
16. I'm mildly allergic to coconut.
17. Also mildly allergic to kiwifruit.
18. Badly allergic to Ventolin.
19. I'm Asthmatic - from a Bakery job I had when I first moved to Wellington.
20. I moved to Wellington in June 2009 for University.
21. I'm nearly 26.
22. My birthday is September 22nd.
23. I don't believe in religion, God or otherwise. I'm an Atheist.
24. I love cats, but I'm allergic to them.
25. I want to have a dog, one day.
26. I joined Skeptics In The Pub with Dan - We do a lot of Activism there, like writing ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) complaints about advertising...
27. Dan and I have been together for over 3 years now (and counting!)
28. I spent a year after high school at Art School.
29. I have 6 papers left of my BA to complete at VUW.
30. Dan and I moved into an apartment with a flatmate and we love it.
31. Secretly I love DIY...
32. Last year I had my hair cut off into a Pixie cut - loved it for a while but then really wanted long hair. . .
33. I learned that Hair takes a LONG time to regrow when you chop it all off!
34. This year I was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder - I've been treated with CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).
35. Stopped being on the Pill after 11 years... (and got my IUD about 5 months ago).
36. A huge ally for my Queer, Gay, Lesbian, Trans* and Intersex friends.
37. Have been flatting, living away from parents, since I was 18.
38. Learned to drive while I was really depressed - the plus side is that I can't remember how scary it must have been!
39. I have memory problems relating to my depressive episode (at age 18-23).
40. Parents and family now live 4.5 hours away from me.
41. I live in the capital city of New Zealand.
42. I wear glasses for reading.
43. I have my full drivers licence.
44. I adore Bubble Tea (with the Tapioca bubbles).
45. I taught an Asian friend how to boil rice on the stove. (He had only every used a rice cooker).
46. I want to learn how to fly an aeroplane - helicopter.
47. I dressed very tom-boyish as a child.
48. When I turned 22 or 23 I started to dress more femininely; more dresses anyway!
49. I still don't know how to wear skirts well.
50. I wish I knew how to sew better and I want to buy a sewing machine so I can do so.
51. Dan can't drive, so I do it. But we don't have a car so it's not a big deal.
52. I'm quite lazy - but only with certain things.
53. I really don't like exercise - if it's not "fun" I won't do it.
54. I'm still in touch with my high school sweethearts mum.
55. I fear that people close to me, don't actually like me.
56. Justice Crew is the coolest Dance/Song group I've seen in a while.
57. I worked as a Security Guard for 3 days.
58. I have had Panic Attacks.
59. I admin on Facebook for a variety of groups from childfree ones, to fluoride (pro) pages to anxiety groups.
60. One of my childhood school friends fathers is a convicted sex offender.
61. I volunteer for Wellington Rape Crisis, where I work on their behalf in a charity store called Eva's Attic which is a charity shop that runs off donations and volunteers manning the shop. It's all designer and stuff so I've had to learn lots about fashion!
62. I'm quite frugal, possibly because I've always been kind of on the poor end of the middle class scale.
63. I own TWO designer pieces (both brand new) that I got for under 75% off retail through Eva's Attic. (Volunteering has it's perks!)
64. I was a Supervisor in a previous job.
65. I was 2IC in a shop I worked in when I was 19.
66. I have moved house ten times, the first time when I was 7 the most recently in January 2013.
67. My favourite colour right now is Purple.
68. I like the look of tattoos, but I'm scared I'll be allergic to the ink.
69. On the topic of tattoos I can't nail down a design I love, so I'm going to wait.
70. I love the Marvel comics, movies and shows.
71. I adore eating chocolate.
72. Cupcakes are so fun to make and decorate.
73. Cider, and wine are my beverages of choice alcohol wise.
74. I love wearing scarf's.
75. I'm a grammar nerd, but I make mistakes sometimes.
76. I love languages and I'm learning French and Korean.
77. I taught Korean students English for a year.
78. I love baking and try to do so.
79. I have occupational asthma - Baker's Lung, which means I'm allergic to an inhaled Flour particle called alpha amylase and here I wrote about my journey.
80. Although I'm allergic to the dust of Flour, I can still eat it in other things (like in cakes, cupcakes and cookies!)
81.  My Flour allergy is NOT the same as being Gluten Free.
82. I worked in a Pie Shop for over 2 years. (Jesters Pies).
83. I'm trained with Occupational Safety and Health  - in Kitchen Hygiene.
84. I trained as a Barista (coffee making) but the smell of Coffee makes me feel sick.
85. I want to live in Asia - teaching ESOL.
86. I am yet to travel the South Island of New Zealand. I've travelled around 99% of the North Island of New Zealand.
87. My first car was a White Ford Laser, which we bought from my best friend. It was a 1991 one. Sadly after I sold it (to fund the move to Wellington for University in 2009) it was written off by the following owner after us. *My parents bought it for me.
88. I'm often caught not wearing glasses when I should be (anything on the computer and doing anything up close, like reading). *Grabs glasses and puts them on.*
89. I don't know how to wear make up and I am trying to learn. It's my goal before I turn 30 to learn how to do it.
90. I have nice blue eyes.
91. I've been to Melbourne three times. Once with my family, and twice with Dan and his family.
92. Highlight in Melbourne was going on the Oldest wooden roller coaster in the Southern Hemisphere at Luna Park.
93.  I get into marathons of TV shows, so I'll watch the entire season in a short period of time. Most recently The Hills.
94. I drowned a recent cellphone in the washing machine, I was sick and put my dressing gown etc into the wash and realised when it had been going about 30 minutes that my phone was being washed too! Oops!
95. I don't really have a favourite band or music, but I listen to a lot of the Top 40 songs...
96. Dan and I saw Macklemore when he came to Wellington.
97. I'm quite Introverted, so a loud night out ends with me needing a quiet day to relax.
98. First pet was a bird named Barney, a blue budgie.
99. I decorated the sign that hangs outside the Eva's Attic shop (art school paid off!).
100. I had a car crash when I was 20, I backed into someone who drove behind me when I was reversing out of a car park. It was really scary and I still don't like reversing when I'm driving. But like everything, practise makes perfect.

Bonus fact about me: 
I have piercings: 2 in each ear lobe, my industrial bar on one ear and my bellybutton pierced. As always, I wish there were more!