Friday, 5 September 2014

Fashion clothing and another update

I tend to throw on whichever clothing is cleanest and go about my day. 
I rarely wear make up. (Will that change soon?) 
I put my bamboo brush through my hair and I'm off to enjoy my day. 

Am I unique in 'not caring' about my appearance? Probably not. 

Then again there are a large number of people who think we should be Dressed to Impress Every Day; from that link: 

"I just mean taking the extra 10 minutes
 to make yourself look beautiful and presentable
 whenever you are leaving the house."

Another post I found is this one here which explains in 25 reasons why we should dress to impress every day.
I'm not sure I agree with all 25 reasons, although I am sure they are relevant for many readers over there. I was going to write my own reasons why one should be dressed to impress, but then I figured I have much more to talk about regarding fashion, make up, nails and hair care.  The post was also written back in August 2009, so quite a bit has changed since then - I know I have as a person, let alone how I dress, act and so on. 

If you have been looking on my instagram lately you'll see that I've been growing my nails out. 
Part of that process is going a little crazy on the nail polish. 
From doing at home manicures, to experimenting with nail styles and colours.

I bought a couple of box sets of nail polish quite recently, they were on sale at $5 each set from the Warehouse.  This is the one I didn't buy*;
I bought the Ombre sets of:
Spring Fever (greens, blues and glitter)
Girls Night Out (pinks, oranges, yellows).
I like using a base/top coat which is from Cutex, which you can find here. I also have the Sally Hansen Shiny Top coat, which is super shiny.

Since last year and the Pixie Cut I've been growing my hair as well, so it isn't as short any more. 

It nearly reaches my shoulders!

The No Shampoo technique is going well, although I have changed it up and I've been using a 'Low Poo' to wash my hair with, especially lately since I've started using more hairspray to help with the fly aways and keeping my hair in place. It's kind of at the stage it is long enough to tie back - not the bangs area though, I'm still growing them out.

Here is a picture from today... (Where I had a make-up session done at a local beauty school.)

A reminder of what my hair was like in March 2013 (below):


5 months after that photo was taken I had had the blonde all cut off, and then let it grown into the natural colour. The current photo from today shows the blonde streaks Dan and I had dyed at home. At this stage I am thinking I'll just let my hair continue to grow out and then eventually cut the blonde out (I know, again). I think my hair is a lot healthier being less dyed.
It has grown so much. I'm due for another hair cut, so I'm hoping to get that done in the next few weeks. 

And from my photos, (refer to instagram selfies) I don't wear a lot of make up, generally it is mascara and a little lippy. Well recently I bought eye liner; I'm teaching myself how to do it. I've ended up with panda eyes a lot lately! A good thing there is make up remover (and that the smokey eye is still popular...)

Thankfully, there are plenty of online tutorials and advice from bloggers like Lauren Conrad who I've loved since I watched The Hills this year, as well as reading her novels. (Go read them if you haven't!)
Youtube has a large number of fashion, beauty (look up make up tutorials), nail tutorials for how to do manicures and nail art at home. Then there is the local Fashion Week which I think is so popular there is nearly one each week of the year! The popular ones are from New York and Paris.
I find it kind of strange to realise that I've never been an overly girly-girl; so all this interest in make up, fashion and so on is unlike me. Or the 'me' of the past anyway. I am not sure how long I'll keep this up. For now I'm loving my nails being longer - they look a lot healthier too.  Still wish my hair was longer but it'll get there. 

It all takes time. 

*I'm starting to wish I did buy it, although the dark tones in nail polish I'm still not a fan of.