Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Spring is here and there's just 10 things I love about it

Ten things I love about Spring:

1. My Birthday - on the 22nd, officially it's the Spring Equinox on this date, the official start of spring.
2. The daffodils and other plants getting more (and greener) leaves and flowers. The colours are beautiful.
(That reminds me I should go for a walk in the park soon).
3. The sunshine - past few days, so warm and sunny!
4. The warm days still have cooler nights - so I can sleep.
5. Because it's warmer, there are more opportunities to have a drink after work.
6. Drinking more juices too.
7. I don't have to feel bad about having an ice cream or ice block to cool down.
8. Not having to wear a big, heavy coat or jacket to go out. A light cardy and I'm good to go!
9. Lighter and longer days.
10. Hearing the birds chirping...