Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Te Papa Tuesday and going to the Library

On Tuesday I went to the library and returned books so I could get more. It's always good to have reading material to take with me for travelling. I'm going Home to Taranaki on Saturday, so I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be bored while going on the bus. It's a long trip - like 6 hours!

Below are some snaps I took while I was walking through the waterfront from the Library, across the City to Sea bridge and onto the waterfront to head towards Te Papa.

Then I saw these, giant ceramic pieces, plates or something, broken into pieces...

Once inside I wandered around looking at the displays. I wanted to see what the National Museum had to say about Women's Rights and how many "women" aimed displays they had. 

I did enjoy coming across the WoW 25th anniversary displays. Very cool to see not only the costumes on display but there are also videos from the show which let us see that the models actually danced in them! They're very, very well made that's for sure.
I was very impressed. No photos from me - since there's a No Photography sign up.

I wasn't so impressed (or happy) to see a piddly display up about Women's rights regarding the Abortion, Sterilisation Act of 1977! It's very outdated as a Law, so I really hope it's picked up and updated very soon.

As the act is from 1977, it's very outdated in terms of contraceptions being "available to married women, with permission from husband" as well as a number of myths which have since been proven to be wrong. (Like the myth that an unwed, unchilded woman shouldn't get an IUD since it'll 'be too difficult to insert'.)
[Not taken from the displays at Te Papa, my own views about the law.]

Here's some photos I took of the available sexual health items from the Te Papa display.

Over all it was a productive day - even more so when I wandered up into the Art Gallery areas of Te Papa and came across a "selfie" area - complete with 2 mirrors, one convex and the other concave to show how mirrors can distort our image;

Until next time,