Wednesday, 10 September 2014

What happens if... ?

Tomorrow I'll be writing a post about Beauty and some quotes around that, as a pre-emptive I've chosen to also cover a few of those "beauty blunders" we have among other things...

  1. Yellowed, stained, embarrassing teeth. You know the ones - where you're afraid to smile since you don't have pearly whites? Yeah those. Teeth whitening - does it damage your teeth?
  2. The hair that just won't be tamed, it can't be tamed, it's wild. Uncontrollable.
    My good friend Leah has the secret to wonderful hair and it starts with washing - or rather not washing it!
  3. What happens when we mess up common sayings?  I've noticed this more since deciding to teach English - the fact some people (myself included) can absolutely butcher the English language!  Ten common sayings you're saying all wrong.
  4.  I was on Facebook and noticed on a Facbeook group I'm in recently that someone asked "What happens if you don't bath regularly?"  Granted the person asking had a mental health reason behind their question - but from a science, health and well being point of view, what would happen if you never bathed again? Cleansing Myths what if you never bathed?
Tomorrow I have more quotes and it's the start of Thinking Thursday!!

Until tomorrow - L.