Monday, 22 September 2014

September Birthdays and turning 26

Today happens to be my 26th birthday. 

Happy Birthday to Me!

Many more birthdays to come and all those well wishes....

I have always loved having a party with friends coming to celebrate & share in fun times...
 Even if it's just for one night before we're split apart again; 
due to distance, work constraints, and living arrangements!
This year is no different, I have some ideas of what I wanted to do today - and I'll update what went down on a later post. But this year I wanted to be Home for my Birthday. Mum was heading away so it was the perfect opportunity to head home for a few days and hang out with the family.

When I get back to Wellington we are going Ten Pin Bowling and having more fun times.

It doesn't feel much different now from 25 to 26, because most things don't change much - legally nothing changes. It's not like 25 when insurance got a bit cheaper, or 21 when I was officially an adult, or 18 when I could legally drink...