Thursday, 25 September 2014

Vacations, holidays and time out.

So last week I went home to Taranaki for a while to look after my siblings and have some time out. It was fantastic - except for the getting sick near the end of my trip. (Siblings and I ended up with horrible chesty coughs).

I was very spoiled with Birthday Gifts as it was my birthday on Monday - I'm ancient. haha. 26 finally.
I got some spending money, some make up, a new hair drier, make up brushes, jewellery, and a delicious birthday cake. Sadly Dan and I spent my birthday apart as my flight back wasn't until Tuesday evening. Thankfully even though my bag was over weight - it was only an extra $10 to have it as a checked bag. (I initially booked with carry on only).

Tomorrow we are going ten pin bowling with a bunch of friends for my birthday celebrations here.
I'm so excited; Bowling is so much fun!