Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Teaching English ESOL and other thoughts about Languages

Since coming to Wellington in mid - 2008 I have been working towards becoming an ESOL / ESL / EFL teacher. (They're all the same role - teaching English to speakers of other languages). In the past few years I've taught at a school for South Korean students (aged eleven to seventeen) at a Hostel as an after school homework Tutor, as well as an at-home home tutor for an adult student.
During that time I've taught more than forty students. 

I've been researching possible places to live and teach for after I graduate - as I've been learning French since High School, I've come to realise that France or the French regions of the South Pacific may be possible places to also teach ESOL, not just South East Asia as previously thought. It does mean I would need to drop some roles - but I have another three to four years before any possible move anyway! 
I still have seven or so papers to complete at VUW - so that is my first aim and goal. 

To Complete my BA at VUW. 
Then to get a job teaching ESOL overseas. 

I'm still unsure exactly how I will fund this, but I have another few years to get finances sorted at any rate. 

Being in a new culture, society and place is exciting. 
Having language problems - of being misunderstood, and on top of that learning the local customs and culture. It's all exciting. And scary.  Leaving family and friends and everything familiar behind is scary - and I'm sure I'll feel home sick and nervous. Thankfully too Dan has agreed to come over with me wherever I get placed, so I will not be fully alone in a strange, new land!

Reminds me somewhat of the excitement but nervousness of the contestants off shows like The Amazing Race, which sees teams go around the world in a competition. is a great resource too. A lot of ESOL/EFL and ESL teachers write blogs and they're often a good look into the life of a teacher on the road and in new places. When I go overseas, I will write a blog on my life too - as a way to keep family and friends in the loop as well as a kind of journal or diary online.

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