Saturday, 24 January 2015

Skepticism and Podcasts.

I've joined a group of local Skeptics for their awesome monthly podcast.
You can find out more about that here.
Today's post I'm thinking about my role in the podcast group and how I come across as a Skeptic.

Recently I realised that I probably should listen to other podcasts. Getting my own ideas and thoughts about their podcast processes to help improve my own speaking and expand further on the topics we talk about on our podcast.
I know I'm not the most skeptical speaker on the podcast - even though I'm quite big on reading and researching, yet I'm horrible at actually articulating this when I'm on the podcast!
Now I sound like I'm second guessing my own role and place in the podcast. 
(It isn't like that at all...)

As for Skepticism, it's an ever-evolving process where I'm constantly learning and reviewing my own viewpoints and ideas.
Learning is a never ending task - every day I try and learn something new. Some days that learning makes my brain explode (in the good way: *mind blown*.) whereas other days I don't think I learned much, although I probably did.

Today for example I learned that I can cope with the large crowd of customers all in the shop at once. I had something like 10 people at once, which doesn't seem like much, but it's a small shop.
I also managed to beat my personal sales record too. I'm just feeling proud (although super tired) of myself for managing to do that without a panic attack happening. (Go me!)

Here are some photos of the shop...

If you like any of the items below, head on into the shop 
Monday-Friday between 10am and 4pm.

Below: Strapless wedding dress, size 10, $200. 
Has a detachable train on the dress.

Below: beautiful halter neck with beaded bodice wedding dress, size 10, $200.

These items aren't in the Sale* (everything in store is currently $15 and under) except items out the back on this selected rack.

The "shop" I refer to is Eva's Attic, Level 1, Grand Arcade.