Thursday, 22 January 2015

101 blog post ideas.

Sometimes when I'm preparing my blog post for the week, I feel horrified to realise that I have that horrid Writer's Block. So what do I do? Research, I read blogs online and then I get distracted and end up somewhere crazy on Wikipedia at two in the morning...
So tonight I've come up with a list of 101 blog post ideas:
  1. Feature your favourite bloggers on a post. 
  2. Invite people to write Guest Posts on your blog. 
  3. Make a post of a list of regrets, things you didn't do and wish you did. 
  4. Create a long version of your "About Me" - the really long version. 
  5. Talk about your favourite Television programmes. What excites you about watching them? 
  6. Bust a Myth, a la Mythbusters. 
  7. Create a Top 100 list. 
  8. Create a Top 10 list on one topic. 
  9. Write about your childhood. 
  10. Your favourite pet, or if you don't have one what you want to have one day. 
  11. Ask someone to write a Guest post for your blog. 
  12. Write a Guest post for someone else's blog. 
  13. Make a post where a picture is worth 1,000 words.
  14. Create a post of solely pictures. Be sure they're credited to the photographer. 
  15. Teach Me. Make a tutorial post about something you are into. 
  16. Write about your favourite blogs you check out. 
  17. Write about your favourite websites you frequently check out. 
  18. Create a post of the Pros and Cons of a topic. 
  19. Travels goals - where you want to go and things you want to do. 
  20. The most important lessons you have ever learned in life. 
  21. Publish an eBook. 
  22. Write a poem. 
  23. Summarise a study. 
  24. Summarise a novel. 
  25. Write about a recent experience. 
  26. Criticise something you are not happy about. 
  27. Write a Rant, a long winded but well argued point of view. 
  28. Review an event you went to. 
  29. Write a post about someone who has passed. 
  30. Celebrity edition; who your favourite celebrity is, why they are your favourite. 
  31. Career Advice: publish your CV and cover letter outline. 
  32. Write about your twenties. 
  33. Write about your thirties. 
  34. Write about your teenage years. 
  35. Recent overseas experience.
  36. Favourite God or Goddess legend.
  37. Least favourite food.
  38. A photograph and your memories around it.
  39. A list of the thoughts you have in a day. Every random thought.
  40. Favourite recipe for eating.
  41. Favourite recipe for drinking.
  42. Your biggest fear.
  43. Your favourite person.
  44. The best TV show is...
  45. Make a creative argument about something.
  46. The best recipe for a crowd.
  47. Your wedding dreams.
  48. The biggest and best things in your life.
  49. Something you love about yourself. 
  50. The rules you wish to break.
  51. Something you wish didn't exist.
  52. Something you're really skeptical about - it makes you question everything.
  53. Describe some piece of fashion you wish never existed.
  54. Fashion, fashion off the wall: something you wish did exist.
  55. Your favourite outfit.
  56. Religion.
  57. Politics.
  58. Allergies.
  59. Your worst habit.
  60. Your favourite colour.
  61. Your favourite material object.
  62. The worst day ever.
  63. Your favourite animal.
  64. Your most secret, secret.
  65. Favourite time of year.
  66. Least favourite holiday period.
  67. Your worst medical condition.
  68. Strange events that make you wonder.
  69. UFO's and aliens.
  70. Conspiracy theories.
  71. Big foot and the sasquatch.
  72. Climate change and Global warming.
  73. Winter versus Summer.
  74. Spring versus Autumn (Fall).
  75. The best cartoon on TV is...
  76. Career: when you were a child you wanted to be ???
  77. Career: what are you working on, or working towards?
  78. Being Child Free versus being Child Less.
  79. Easter Eggs.
  80. The reasons why you started blogging.
  81. Names you want for your future children or pets.
  82. How you got your name, why your parents chose it.
  83. The best video game ever is...
  84. The hardest thing you have ever done.
  85. The reasons you want or don't want to get a body modification done.
  86. Reasons having a partner is beneficial for you.
  87. Taylor Swift.
  88. Reasons why being single is awesome.
  89. All about the Suzuki Swift.
  90. Why the MINI is the coolest car around.
  91. Write about your town.
  92. Where are you from? 
  93. Your favourite pass time things to do.
  94. An interesting Hobby you do.
  95. Something you're really proud of.
  96. How your blog got its name.
  97. Something you're ashamed of.
  98. The best career advice you've been ever given.
  99. The advice you would give to the 12 year old you if you could go back in time.
  100. Something creative you have made.
  101. Your favourite dessert and recipe.