Thursday, 22 January 2015

A new update - of sorts!

Today, January 22nd I realised that I've been seriously neglecting my writing... So much stuff has happened since December. So many changes are in progress, to be honest it is terrifying me a little.

“Opportunities will come and go, but if you do nothing about them, so will you.” 
― Richie Norton.

I have lots of new excitement from my life to share:

1. I was re-accepted into Victoria University in Wellington. I'm back studying from the 1st of March onwards. I'm really excited to be moving forward and finally getting my Bachelors of Arts done. I'm still studying towards being an ESOL (ESL) Teacher. I've managed to work through and achieve my ESOL 200 Hours Certification during the two years I had off study
 - so I'm nearly done qualifications wise!

2. I'm staying on in the apartment with the boys for another year. My boyfriend, Dan and I are stronger than ever. Working through life as it throws new challenges at us. The flatmate is working hard and wanted to stay on for another year with us - sweet! No need to do the Flatmate Search any time too soon. Even as the talk between Dan and I moves into (our future) goals of marriage and buying an apartment together. 

3. I am in the process of leaving Eva's Attic. I'm sad about this. It's been a fun filled two and a bit years. I'm also upset not to be working with a lovely volunteer named Ruth who is currently on holiday. So I'm sole-charge in the shop the next few weeks, until she's back. 

My final day is at the end of February - so please, please, please come up and see me! 
I'm normally up there Fridays between 1pm and 4:30pm. 

But I will be opening the shop between 11am and 4:30pm for the next couple of weeks. 

4. I changed some of my wardrobe. Fashion wise that is. For Christmas Dan brought me a Maxi dress. His mum and my Nana both got me vouchers/ money for Christmas which I used to buy a second Maxi dress from Farmers. I'm really happy with both of them. They're just so different from one another. 

5. Dan and I just spent last weekend - completely - changing our bedroom around. We moved the bed. Everything got emptied out of our room and I now have my clothes all in the wardrobe. The room feels much, much cleaner. And a bit bigger too. We reduced our clothing down and donated a whopping 5 huge bag fills to the local Salvation Army. 
I also quickly realised that I had been holding onto too many mugs in the kitchen so a lot of the mismatched ones also got donated. 

6. I am now a Presenter on a local Skeptical Podcast called Skepticism Today. The other presenters are both really lovely, and skeptical of everything! We are all based in and around Wellington and get along well. The most recent two episodes feature my voice. (Episodes 007 and 008.) Episode 009 is due to come out in early-mid February.

7. Many a night at two in the morning I've spent mindlessly trawling through many websites, trying to find brilliant Apartment Ideas for things to brighten up our space and seeking Motivational DIY Renovation advice along the way. In all seriousness though the boys over on Manhattan Nest are really sweet and their home transformations are spot on.  

8. Bloggers like Meagan Kerr have inspired me to change my style and try new things. I also love her Body Confidence and fashion advice. She's an amazing woman. A recent post of hers with a Summer Road Trip has inspired me to seek my own roadie and that same wanderlust is still strong within me.

9. Another blogger I've been following for a while is Lauren Conrad (now Lauren Till).
 I first fell in love with her website, then realised she was the star on The Hills - so I binge watched season by season until there were no more. Recently Miss Conrad got married and her website has changed to be even more 'family' orientated. But the fashion advice and decorating at home is still a good check in spot. 

“Everything we do really is just a little marker on the long road to death. And sometimes that’s overwhelmingly depressing to me, and sometimes it makes me feel kinship and forgiveness. We've all got the same ending to the story. The way we make that story more elaborate, I got to respect.” 
― Joss Whedon

So many people just seem to follow the "Life Plan". Yet as a child-free woman I see many people go through the stages of it and I stop, and I try and get my head around each step - you're born, you go to school for so many years, then onto further adult education (in whichever form) then into a soul-crushing, life-long career you either love or really, really despise. You're left while in that 'working' stage of life (around 25-65) to get married (if that's your thing) or stay single, having children (or not in my case), and seeing the kid/s grow up (or not, in my case). 
 You then get too old to work so you retire. And then you die.

I'm not bitter about being child-free, it's actually quite the opposite. I may be a mere 26 years of age - old enough to know what I want and don't want in life. Yet when I'm still bingo'd for my choices about children... It does bring me down. I am fortunate I live in a time when the Internet exists. I have been able to reach out and communicate with people in far fetched parts of the world (I should know, being from the furtherest away spot, ever, New Zealand)... about our choice not to parent. 
I have friends who are parents and I've always been supportive of them and their choice. It isn't my life, or life choices that they're living; just as they're not living my life.