Monday, 9 March 2015

Ten things I adore

Being busy with university classes means I'm reading a lot and thinking about the things I love.

My current paper is looking at Banned Books and their ethics, role in society and the place they are within the literary world. So far we have had a Trigger Warning suggesting we seek counselling if we are triggered by any of the topics in the course. I have my counsellor on standby, I'm hoping I don't need to see her, but just in case...

Here's ten things I adore right now;

1. This guy: ~ Daniel Ryan.

2. The Holy Grail of No Shampoo - Part of my No Shampoo regime, I switched to this about 6 weeks ago and it's working really well. Although telling the boys at the Podcast that I'd used it and it makes my hair soft - wasn't such a great statement to make before washing it on wash day. (Oops!)

3. Skepticism Today podcast - where I've been an active cast member for the past few months.  Episode 9 is the latest one released. You can hear me talking on there from Episode 7 onwards.

4. Little Mix's Move - Makes me dance around and be sassy every time I hear it...
 I know it's from 2013, but I still love it!

5. BATS Theatre and Fringe Festival 2015 - 20th February to 14th March. Lots of shows still on. Various prices from koha (donation) to $20 or so. I've been busy working on all three levels of performance spaces. The new building is beautiful too!

6. The Mysteries of Laura - loving this show. Laura is my newest style inspiration. Loving the natalism even being a childfree woman!

7. Notebooks from TYPO - although my print on the front is of Paris: with hand drawn heels, macarons, shiny jewellery, mascara... A set of French landmark photographs and plenty of French typography.

8. Summer Shakespeare Wellington - This year's play was Timon of Athens, a lesser known work from Shakespeare. This ended on the 28th of February, but will be back in Dell at the Botanical Gardens next year.

9. Having my recent ASA complaints results back and released to the media - ASA 14645 Settled and ASA 14646 upheld so the advertiser has to change things in future advertising, to fit into the criteria set out by the ASA.

10. Photography with my awesome ASAHI Pentax K1000 film camera.
Recently I just learned about the battery on it, oops! It is used for the f-stop, but I've just been guessing before taking the photos. The photos aren't too bad, you can view some of them on this post on my blog from January 2015.