Thursday, 9 April 2015

Hair Update with the Purple Dye

So the initital dye didn't take very well, maybe because I'd left it (as per instructions on the bottle) for 30 minutes and really it needed longer. So I used the remaining dye about 48 hours later on the rest of my hair, really focussing on brushing through on the right hand front side, not so much combing the left front side. This lot I left in for a whole hour. I used the same technique with the shower cap to help hold my head heat in to help the dye develop. The only other difference is with the combing, it's needed with this dye. So do it!
I combed maybe 8 times on the right front side of my head and the colour is a lot more intense there.
I've washed my hair with the Holy Grail Shampoo once since dying it and it's slowly slowly fading, not nearly as fast as the pink did! I even used the same diluted vinegar rinse and it hasn't effected the colour.
Below are some pictures from today which show the colour,
Hope this is more clear than the last post ones were.

The darkest brown parts are actually a mousy brown colour, natural hair colour. 
The lighter blonde parts have been done with Hydrogen Peroxide.
The pink/blue looking bits are the purple dye. It's possible the colour didn't completely mix up too.