Monday, 13 April 2015

Holidays week 2: don't let the flu get you!

So it's the second week of uni break now. Ties in well with school holidays being on at the moment too. Last week I went up to see my doctor and got my flu vaccine done. So I'll be protected from the flu for another year... Living in an apartment building means I'm (sort of) more susceptible to getting sicker, and I'd rather not expose those in this community to the flu. It's no walk in the park!
Read on to see why I chose to get the vaccine and not let the flu get me...

Short post this week, but I feel it needs to be short and sweet as it is such a serious topic...

In 2012 a beloved customer from Brumby's Bakery where I'd been working part time died from the flu. She was fit and healthy. Ever since then I've gotten the vaccine done. I'm also asthmatic on top of my anxiety and depression so it's important for me to stay in a good head space and not let myself needlessly worry about an illness killing me. Back in 2008 I got the flu - the worst pain ever. I slept for 23 hours straight at one point, scaring my mother who thought I was dying or something. Cold and Flu meds are crazy tough on the body too.

The 2015 flu vaccine schedule has been released in the past few months. The new vaccine for 2015 covers the new strains which are most likely to hit our waters this year.

Being Asthmatic means I'm eligible for the vaccine for free - lots of people are, and many don't take the offer up. I recommend doing so if you can get it for free do it!
There's a surcharge at your doctor if you're not on the eligibility list. (Pregnancy, those aged 65 plus, asthmatics and those with long term chronic health conditions... are all eligible.)