Monday, 20 April 2015

Twenty things about me

Today's post has been inspired by those list posts online to help people brainstorm. But unlike those lists this one is a bit longer and all about me. Hah. I thought long and hard about what this weeks blog should focus on and though why not share more about me as a person, rather than just the things I've been thinking about and doing?
So here goes...

1. I am the oldest child in my family. Scratch that I'm the oldest grandchild too - on both my maternal and paternal grandparent's sides. When I was born I was the eighty-something-th descendent from my great-nana on my father's side.

2. I'm the first person in my immediate family to have attended university. I have about 5 papers left, so once they're completed and I graduate, I'll be the first graduate too!
Working hard on my priorities for sure.

3. Daniel and I's relationship is the longest I've ever had.
We have been dating for nearly 4 years now. Here's a recent post all about him.

4. When I move house, I like to move earlier in the day so I have the afternoon to unpack and set up the new place. Dan doesn't do this, he likes to move then make up the bed to sleep! He then naps while I set up the rest of the house. This worked well in the apartment where we live at the moment, because there's not that much extra floor space, so one person doing things is mostly good. There's a few furniture things I cannot move alone though, so it's good to have two people for some things.

5. In the past couple of years I've become more feminine and more me. Growing out my nails, and wearing more 'girly' things.

6. I have a secret obsession with Pinterest.

7. To follow on from point 6... is that I get annoyed with the fact that my many Admin roles on Facebook take up too much of my Pinterest time!

8. My blog has come a long way since the first post. I'm actually sort of embarrassed at how much my blog has improved, but only by making small changes. The layout changed over time too.

9. Here's a list post I created when I didn't know what to write about. These lists are common to find online and they're so good for writer's block!

10. I wear glasses for reading. And watching TV. And working on the computer. For some reason I don't wear them when using my smartphone, which makes no sense.

11. For my important and big posts I like to do things differently. For my hundredth post I did 100 things about me.

12. When I was turning 25, I wrote a post about what I wanted to do while I was 25, sadly I've still got a few left to do, go to a strip club, tattoo plans and dress my age. The latter two are a work in progress, the former somehow is just out of reach - every time I've been invited along something else has come up and I haven't been able to. And yes, there's still one next door!

13. I love reading about Pacific literature and anything related to New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. My favourite papers in my English Literature course through Victoria University of Wellington so far have been taught in the topic of Pacific Lit.

14. My favourite season is Spring. And not just because I'm a Spring baby.

15. I'm still growing plants on the balcony, although sadly the flowers and other plants have since died. The aloe vera is still going well! It even has little pups off the sides of it now. So I have a large one and three small ones.

16. Something not many people know about me is that I'm a chronic nail biter, in recovery...

17. I consider myself to be a Pacific Islander - in the broader sense of the term. New Zealand is part of the Pacific.

18. I have Baker's Lung, I've written about my experiences a few times and again later I did more posts about it. It's a frustrating condition. I'm one of the youngest people in New Zealand to have it. As such there's no long term literature or studies available for me to learn about my outcomes.

19. I have a 50 year old father and late-40's year old mother. My siblings are 3.5 years, 11 years, and 13 years younger than me. Two still live at home with mum and dad. The older sister is living with her boyfriend and I live in another city than all of them with Dan.

20. I created a list of 101 blog posts recently too, so be ready for more to show up on here. I actually used that list to help create this one.

Quote for the day:
“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.” 
~ Helena Rubinstein