Monday, 15 June 2015

How I organise stuff and a birthday shout out.

Happy Birthday for tomorrow for my little brother Chris!

 What's a birthday without candles and an embarrassing picture of you from when you were young?!

Double trouble, so cute!

I got a book out of the library recently, called "The Weekend Makeover - get a brand new life by Monday morning" by Jill Martin & Dana Ravich.

The book's blurb off Amazon:

"Every woman has at some point felt overwhelmed, overworked, and overtired. She knows she'd feel better if she could just organize her office, get her butt to a yoga class, or finally plan that vacation she's been desperate to take. However, the idea of taking an afternoon or even a few hours for herself seems selfish. Jill Martin and Dana Ravich argue that "me" time is essential to living a more balanced, stress-free life, and show readers how to do this without feeling guilty.

Packed with entertaining anecdotes and sprinkled with clever illustrations, Weekend Makeover offers a collection of life-altering makeovers for body, mind, and spirit that can be accomplished in just 48 hours, such as: The Relaxation Makeover, The Romance Makeover, The Clutter Makeover, and the Refrigerator Detox Makeover.
Each makeover tackles not only the nitty gritty details (like how to stock one's pantry with nutritious essential or the best ways to get rid of old paperwork), it also guides readers into the right mindset to make the changes stick so that all it takes is one weekend to make, execute, and apply a foolproof plan to get life on track by Monday morning."

I love books like this. They're so easy to follow along or to adjust to suit whatever you're doing. In the book they talk about how to reorganise your life in easily broken down steps. You can do a lot in a weekend. One example from the book is that you can sort through your wardrobe to create a new one - more organised and one that only has the items you actually wear and use.
I had sorted mine a few weeks earlier, but I figured it can't hurt to re-do this every few months or so anyway.

I, like so many others, have items in my wardrobe I don't wear. They're there for those "just in case" moments of life... or just need a button replaced or a slight adjustment to be more modest to be worn more.

My next job is to go through and do those adjustments and sew buttons on. It's a few minutes of work sure, but it's well worth the time to do so rather than spending a lot more on a replacement item.

This past weekend I encouraged Dan to go through and rearrange his T-shirts, as he'd just bought a pile online and they hadn't made it into his wardrobe yet. It took him about half an hour, but they are all stacked and folded now and it works. I couldn't do it for him, otherwise I'd be throwing things and he'd get mad. No one wants that. Each person should be in charge of their own thing/s.

I have a fancy black dress that I don't wear often, we don't really go out (not our thing) and it's a bit too fancy to wear when I'm out and about. I miss having a girlfriend here who I used to go to the ballet with. I could have worn it there!
Perhaps I should do that when my sister is here. Ballet. Or something.
Something we can dress up to do.

The book goes through various chapters each taking a weekend - from sorting the make-up on your dressing table - throwing out the old nasty stuff, and replacing with new... to creating a better workspace and even planning a holiday.

 I love, love, love, Loved the holiday section. Dan and I are going away in a few weeks time, so it's good to see I'm not far off when I'm trying *not* to plan too much. We have our flights booked and our accommodation booked and nothing else. (Of course we have our VISAs and Passports sorted too)... We are planning a day trip - via train! - to a nearby city too... but otherwise the days are clear and it means we can say yes to spontaneous drinks or meeting up... or night markets...
There's so many things out there to do.

Quote for the week:
"A clean home is a happy home."