Monday, 13 July 2015

Bloggers and Websites I love, what inspires me

I'm not going to lie and say that everything on my blog is completely just made from me. Sure, lots of it's my thoughts and ideas... but I'm inspired by so many other bloggers, websites and videos.

I subscribe to others and read them often; From Apartment Therapy giving me DIY home decor ideas, to people like Meagan Kerr a local plus sized fashion blogger from NZ.

I also follow along with some through Facebook - such as the podcast from the Skeptics Guide to the Universe, and some others. I also speak on the Skepticism Today podcast.

I get inspiration for the podcast and what I bring to it from local news sources, Facebook groups (the NZ Skeptics groups I've mentioned here before), as well as things going on in my life. Some months are more difficult than others to get things to talk about - I'm not into confronting people face to face about using woo products and things. Friends of mine can and do get into people's faces about it, but I just can't. So I stick with writing ASA complaints and being a bit more of a keyboard warrior.
Although even then I have my limits.

I've learned in the past few months to just walk away. I used to admin on a public Facebook group for hair, and often there are people on there who use various types of woo. It's hard to watch them doing it, but it's also a bad place to confront people. It's a tough balance... I've learned that I can't control everyone and everything they do. It's also difficult to draw the line and not name names. Fine line indeed. I've also learned more tact too - being nice even when I don't completely agree with what's going on, but I know when to speak up and when to let things drop.

I am inspired by different famous folks too like Lo Bosworth - this is her apartment tour, and others like Alisha Marie a younger vlogger who has all sorts of things going on in her youtube account. I love her DIY and fashion vlogs. Her latest video (at the time of writing) I can totally relate to with everyone having phones and not actually having the good old 'deep and meaningful' talks. Meg from MayBaby is another vlogger. She does fashion and other vlogging.

I'm not all about the fashion bloggers and vloggers, I'm also all about the music:
The Piano GuysMagic!Walk off the Earth...

I also use Instagram a lot too - uploading more photos and thoughts of my days. You can see my posts here.

In lieu of a quote this week I leave you with a song:
The Skeptic in the Room - Eddie Scott

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