Monday, 24 August 2015

Everything is awesome

This week's blog post is inspired in part by the Lego Movie - and the catchy theme song Everything is Awesome.*

I've been thinking about how things in life go through stages of being really awesome, and really challenging... Today though I want to focus on the positive and happy awesome things in my life. Things I'm thankful for, if you will.

1. Friends and Family.
They're always there for you no matter the weather and no matter what's going on in your life (and their lives too).

2. The haters.
Yeah, you know the ones, those naysayers who just want to see you fail. Well newsflash - nothing you do or say can bring me down. That bad attitude shows who you are - not me.
Even those people who are dragging others into their fight just to prove how cool/awesome/famous/wannabe they are - is just not cool.

3. The ones who look up to me...
Gosh, it's strange to think I have people who look up to me, but it's true. Everyone influences everyone around them; Negativity gains more negativity - but only if you let it!
The first time I realised the kids in my class looked up to me was the weirdest feeling, but then it made sense - I'd done the same thing to my favourite teachers at school too. One kid telling you that you're the best teacher is an amazing feeling. - Especially when you're not expecting it, and it happens to happen on a bad day!

4. Hot chocolate on a cold winter's day while watching movies, or trashy TV.

5. A crackling fire on said cold winter's day.

6. Summertime's at the beach. Ah, bring on the warm weather. I'm getting over winter already.

*You can thank me later for getting that stuck in your head too. Heh.