Monday, 23 November 2015

Middle of November that means one thing!

I don't know where this year has gone, but I blink and suddenly it's the middle of November. Which means Spring has sprung, even though it's a bit chilly today. The house hunting has begun (our tenancy ends in January)... and it's another day closer to Christmas!

I was online earlier and saw that ASOS has an awesomely cute selection of things for Christmas this year:

Like Lady Pug socks,
a cupcake shower cap (which I would totally rock, just sayin')
some scented coloured pens which reminded me of the 1990's...
this Pug stress ball...look at its face; now squish it!
a quote mug "every day is an adventure"... indeed it should be.
and on the note of hot beverages: this "happiness lie within" travel mug.

Even though Christmas for us Kiwi's means BBQs on the beach and sunbathing in bikinis, playing cricket on the sand... and all things summery, for some reason I've become obsessed with the idea of Christmas Sweaters, it's a largely American tradition I think, and completely inappropriate for a Kiwi Summer Christmas.

So here's a few things I've found which bring on the Christmas Sweater vibes without bringing out the sunstroke for the already overheating folks. (wink).

This Christmas Jumper iPhone 5 case,
These Nail stickers which have various patterns relating to Christmas sweaters...

My sister Rosie recently asked me about what makes me think of Summer - I said, BBQs on the beach, sunbathing, cricket and playing on the beach, ... Just enjoying the warm weather and sunshine... But I guess another thing entirely that reminds me of summer is inflatable objects, like these inflatable Candy canes and pool toys like these: Giant Pizza slice anyone? How about an iced donut? Closer to home Glassons NZ also have Pool floats available too such as this Unicorn and this Dinosaur.

From the Warehouse I found this adorable Lotus float which is like a night light for outside, in the pool or pond?

The hair ties in this set, I am OBSESSED with. Just love them. They're a piece of wide elastic. They secure my hair super well too. It's fine and hard to tie back especially after it's freshly washed. I use one or two of these hair ties and I'm good for the day.
And honestly who doesn't like wearing temporary tattoos in the summertime too? I am loving the shimmery shiney golden and silver ones. I am so thankful they are back in fashion again!

Go check out the ASOS Christmas site here. (Their normal site is here.)
***This is not a sponsored post, all views are entirely my own.

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