Monday, 30 November 2015


NANOWRIMO has been an amazing month. I did not actually hit the 50,000 word target, but I did manage to write a lot more words than I ever expected to do in a month.

I'll keep writing more and try and post it as a huge post - it's a really long piece though. Over twenty pages and counting. If I wrote around two-thousand words per day I would be close to the 50,000, but alas I wrote a mere thousand or so each day instead.

Here's an excerpt:

"Hello dearest reader, my name is Lisa Taylor. I was born one balmy spring day in September in the late nineteen eighties. My parents a scale technician and a housewife, had been labouring away finishing off their newly built home. They had been rushing to finish off the interior painting before my birth. But alas I came a few weeks earlier than expected at thirty six weeks. Some of this story is based on real life facts of my life. More will be made up as I go along. It is up to you dearest reader to sort fact from fiction and see how well you really know me. How well do you really know the people you meet online? In the bookshop? In the cafe every Sunday morning on Cuba Street in Wellington? On the bus every night after work? I guess this work asks these questions and more and suggests ways in which we can get to know people. To learn their quirks. To learn their traits. To actually listen and hear their story, versus what we think we hear when they speak. What is not being said, what do we read between the lines?"

I have had a lot of fun mixing up my past and future dreams and history within the literary narrative. I also spent some time on the road, with a Conference and other events going on mid-writing.

Today is Day 30 anyway, and I have a lot more to do.

I am actually taking some time off it, to allow for me to complete the Summer Shakespeare ticket sales and NZ Skeptics Journal stuff. I've just also signed onto a medical trial for Asthma, so will see how this goes. 

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