Monday 14 March 2016

2016 and beyond reflections

This year has been a year of reflecting, a lot. So far at least, I've spent a bit of time each month and each week just reflecting on what I'm up to and where I am going next. Not in a sense of moving as such, but onto the next project, the next thing, the next assignment. Taking a new step in a new direction, in a new way.

This weekend I spent three days at BATS Theatre; It's Writer's Week for the New Zealand Festival.

Yesterday I had a fan girl moment when Witi Ihimaera talked to me, granted he was only asking for directions on how to leave the venue... But he saw me and talked to me. It's humbling seeing these writers I look up to seeing me as a person too.

Witi Ihimaera is a New Zealand / Maori author who has written novels such as:

  • Tangi (1973)
  • Whanau (1974)
  • The Matriarch (1986)
  • The Whale Rider (1987)
  • Bulibasha: King of the Gypsies (1994)
  • Nights in the Gardens of Spain (1995)
  • The Dream Swimmer (1997)
  • Woman Far Walking (2000)
  • The Uncle's Story (2000)
  • Sky Dancer (2004)
  • Whanau II (2004)
  • The Rope of Man (2005) - features 'Tangi', and its sequel 'The Return'
  • Band of Angels (2005)
  • The Trowenna Sea (2009)
  • The Parihaka Woman (2011) 

I also really enjoyed the Slam Poetry by Anis Mojgani. His words are mesmerising.
Here's a video I found on YouTube of Anis Mojgani performing 'Come Closer'.

Because it was a festival, and in a theatre, I didn't take any photographs during the event. There was a photographer on site who was amazing, she would come in and take photographs near the end or near the middle of each talk and it made it easy for me to know when the talk was coming to a close, without having to check the time on my phone!

Through working as a volunteer in the theatre now for three years I've noticed I am more confident in walking up and asking people to follow my directions (eg, to kick them out of the theatre* at the end of the show, or to move along so seats are free'd up during the times the audience finds their seats.)

This Thursday it is Daniel's birthday. I've arranged a dinner for just us in a local restaurant, so I hope he likes it!

Last week we picked up my engagement ring, but I will write all about that in another post.
I'm waiting on photographs and also showing my family in person before I post more online about the ring choice, stone choice etcetera.

Currently in the middle of university, week 3 of the trimester, and more assignments are due - so that's up first.

Second is arranging our engagement party - lots still to do!

Last week I reorganised the bedside table - I bought two new candles from the Warehouse - they're super cute and have this written on them:

'All you need is love,
forever and always,
no matter what'

Sheepy, a heart LED light, and candles.

Gold and Black candle - I have two of these.

Until next week,
xo Lisa.

*Of course I ask them politely and don't actually kick people! That's uncalled for violence!

All links worked as of 11:30pm Sunday 13th March 2016. (NZ).

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