Monday 21 March 2016

Dan is 29 and other thoughts about growing up.

This past week has been one of fun, mundane day to day life of a university student - filled with reading, studying, classes and tutorials... The usual really. And Dan had his birthday on Thursday the 17th march. Yes, Saint Patrick's day.

I tried to trick him into thinking we were going for a romantic dinner date, but in reality I had been planning with friends to meet up and go to a local restaurant with a bunch of our friends!

 On the night of, I showered, got dressed and put make-up on, anyone who knows me well knows I don't wear make-up! Anyway, we were all ready to go, and I was refusing to order the Uber, until I got a text back. Dan thought this was suspicious.
Anyway, a few minutes passed, we were getting later, and by then it was well past the time I'd said we needed to leave by - and Dan saw I wasn't freaking out. (I have anxiety and will often freak out over what seem's like 'nothing'). So got the awaited for text, ordered the Uber, and left for the restaurant. 

                                                     Dan all dressed up, looking flash!

Dan had no idea where we were going. 

Thankfully also the Uber driver dropped us off at a side street, not right outside, so we had to walk a little bit to get to the place. When we arrived he spotted the restaurant and knew where we were going. What he didn't expect was the group of people at the table waiting for us! 

Thank again to our friends for keeping the secret from him, and not ruining the surprise!

Dan's 29 now and we're thinking about how our 30's will be different. 

Here's some photos of our dinner and friends - 

Fiancé Dan looking dapper in his suit.

Me and our friends - Mark, me, Tim, Chris, Loren and Thomas
James, (Helen obscured), Dan B and Mike.

Us again with friends and the birthday boy/fiancé himself!

Dan and I were also talking about how turning 30 seems to be grown up. I was saying that we're growing up anyway - we're engaged now and have a wedding on the table in a couple of years time... I've got this year left of study and then I'll be entering the workforce again too.
We also have parties to plan for the wedding and stuff too, like the upcoming engagement party in July. I feel like I've taken on a lot of 'stuff' to get these organised, but it's also not all on me to do so. I have to let things go and delegate more often, and I find that difficult because I like to be fiercely independent and do it myself and I have come to realise that I can't do everything alone. It's a team effort. I'm going to write another post about this in more detail - next week.

The text I was waiting for was from Thomas (one of our flatmates) who had gone ahead with Loren (our other cool flatmate) to check out the first place's seating arrangement and to see if we could all fit. Original plan was to go to The Ramen Shop in Newtown Wellington, but apparently (according to Thomas and Loren) the seating isn't great in there, and they don't take bookings. So we ended up changing locations at -literally- the last minute to ensure we could all fit together! That's why I was waiting on his text message to see where I needed to tell our Uber driver to go. 

Until next week, 
xo Lisa.

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