Monday 27 June 2016

10 things I think about Winter

This week it has been feeling colder as Winter brings in more cool weather and snow hits the mountains... I was thinking about how Winter is a pretty special time of year - for us in New Zealand it's winter in the middle of the year June to August ... and starts warming up again for Spring in September (just in time for my birthday!).

Here's a round up of my 10 favourite and least favourite things about winter:

1. The Wind - the chill of it gets into your bones.
But it also means you have an excuse to be indoors eating soup, enjoying cup after cup of hot chocolate and staying in bed all weekend!

2. Hot Water Bottles - heaven.
Whoever created them is a genius.

3. Ugg Boots - Fur and Slippers.
Warmth is key.  I don't care if you think Ugg's are fashionable or just uggly (Sorry I had to!).

4. Snuggling under blankets on the couch, or bed...
Any excuse to keep warm and watch Netflix, am I right?

5. Soup, hot foods, roasted meals, and ordering take out - pizza delivery is the best!
Or cooking a pot of Slow Cooked soup in the slow cooker is also a great all day heater.

6. Layers - you can wear three shirts and look warm and be warm.

7. Snow and Ice - these are both good and bad, depending on if you're on foot, or driving through it. Snow can also create fun for kids and adults alike with building snowmen and having snowball fights. I strongly recommend checking the weather updates prior to driving in wintertime, as icy conditions can cause vehicles to easily skid off the road. I've driven in Sleet before - that's the weird weather formation that is between hail/rain and actual snow falling. Sleet is dangerous on the roads too - as black ice can easily form. 

8. Scarves - I'm a fan of wearing scarfs nearly year round although I don't wear them in the hottest part of summer. They do make good wraps in summertime in the warm evenings.

9. In New Zealand winter time also means more storms which means plenty of wet weather. Personally I'm not a huge fan of being soaked all day long, so where possible seeking out shelter, taking public transport is a good option. I also Uber to university if I can't go by bus. Anything to keep warm and dry.

10. Hot Cider, warm toddies and alcoholic hot chocolates... Drink in moderation. And not at all if you're driving.

Until next week,
xo, Lisa.

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