Monday 4 July 2016

Special Post PSA: Foot and Toe Pain OH NO Morton's Neuroma

I have a Morton's Neuroma and that's a swollen nerve. Yes it is painful. No I won't need an operation yet. No I don't want the injection therapy for it.

Since April 28th* I've been battling sore feet.
More specifically it feels like there's a marble or stone in my shoe.
Wearing sneakers hasn't helped.
Nor has buddy taping the offending toes.
Having a pad attached to the sole of my foot hasn't helped either.
And sleeping with it raised on a pillow is often uncomfortable until I can find a good place to lie down and relax properly.

So I saw my GP who sent me for an Ultrasound, after that it came back as a Probable Morton's Neuroma, so she suggested I go to a local Podiatrist for further treatment.

We started off with taping padding under the foot across the Metatarsal pad area to try and unload the area where the Neuroma is. This is meant to remove some of the pressure build up so it will reduce the pressure on the nerve. I kept this on for a week, and when I went back to my Podiatrist I had said it didn't really help, the pain was still there and it was frustrating because I couldn't get it wet. This week I also learned how hard it is to keep a limb (or in this case, foot) completely water-resistant in order to keep the padding on. Let's just say that taping three layers of shopping bags over the foot, is 1. Slippery and 2. very, very uncomfortable.  I ensured safety by showering when someone was home in case I did fall. And with the door closed but not locked in case of needing assistance.

Week 2 appointment changed to make a padded the area of the Metatarsal pad with the Neuroma area having a "cut out" in that zone. And the insertion of padding in my shoe in the form of a foam orthotic. This was a bit better, but still painful to walk. When I had just the padding on my foot (eg in socks) I could walk without pain, like I could tell I had a neuroma but it wasn't aching. When I went out wearing the orthotic with the underfoot padding my foot became achy.

Week 3 appointment - this week we removed the padding off the foot, and moved to a foam insert in the shoes. I had two sets made one for the sneakers and one for my ugg boots.

Now it's been a couple of weeks with these and my foot is feeling good. I still have sore feet when walking barefoot (so I try and only do that when I'm going from the shower - to bedroom to get dressed).

Gap toes, with the V sign on the right foot - characteristic of Morton's Neuroma. 

Below are some photos of the various padding stages - 

Initial Buddy taped toes with a strapping across the metatarsal pad which helped with pain.

Buddy taped toes with soft soled slippers.

Waterproofing foot for shower. Two notes: this is slippery and dangerous. 
IF ever need to do again get a "cast cover" from pharmacy near hospital.

Week 1 taping with padding across the whole metatarsal area.

Week 1 padding after a lot of wear.

Week 2 padding across whole metatarsal with the 'neuroma area' cut out of the padding.

Week 3: last Podiatrist appointment waiting for the in-shoe orthotic things to be made. 

I don't have a photo of the inserts for my shoes, they're made of foam and fit into my sneakers and ugg boots. 

*The pain has probably been there a lot longer, but that's the date I really noticed the pain in my foot and then went to my General Practitioner for it. She diagnosed a possible Morton's Neuroma and advised to Buddy Tape the offending toes. She also ordered an Ultrasound which came back with 'probable Morton's Neuroma'.

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