Monday 11 July 2016

Our Bedroom a super quick Room Tour in Photos

Photo special this week - Our bedroom... and how I have changed up the decor since we moved in. 
December 2015 to now - 

When we had just moved in.
 I don't know why the wall looks like it's two tones - in person it is all the same white. 

Bedside table - only on my side of the bed ... 
it has changed decor a lot over time from tissues and a power box to candles, Sheepy, flowers, a Heart print from Princess and the Pen, and a Heart lamp (from Typo), and much, much more.

Polaroids, and a novel...

The Polaroids then got changed up to be strung along a light set. 

My dressing table too has changed over time too.

This candle is so right - All you need is Love.

Until next week, 

xo, Lisa.

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