Monday 6 June 2016

Hello blog no I haven't forgotten about you

Two weeks ago was my last blog post ... Oops!
and to be honest I've been very, very busy the past couple of weeks! 

  • I went home for the weekend and celebrated with Daniel and his family for his Nanna's 80th birthday. 
  • Had a family dinner with our parents, siblings and grandparents all meeting up before the Engagement Party in July. 
  • Saw great Aunty Pat; and Great Uncle Buster with my Dad and Chris. 
  • Visited with my Nana a whole bunch at the Rest Home where she lives. 
  • I also booked in to see a Podiatrist for Friday this week - about my toe/foot pain, from the Morton's Neuroma. I'll be keeping updates regularly about that. 
  • I've been really busy with the final week of university for the trimester. I've got to write one more essay which is due today, and hand in the one I just finished today... 
Before preparing for exams for the next week before they start in two weeks time! 

A bookcase at my Great Uncle Buster's house.

My little brother Chris took me for a walk in Pukekura Park while Dad, Nana, great aunt Pat and great uncle Buster had tea. 

Chris in the Fernery tunnel, he's so tall he has to duck his head...

Pretty flowers all over the place - Cyclamens.

Pukekura Park main lake...

More flowers from the Greenhouses and Fernery at Pukekura Park.

Donuts from the airport when I got back to Wellington.
Hopefully when things are even more settled down I'll be able to actually blog more. I feel like something had to be neglected... 

Until next Monday!


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