Monday 13 June 2016

Names and naming rights.

So for a while now I've been thinking about names and how we name the things we do.
Children, pets, vehicles, trees and plants, heck even our homes... 
Not much can escape being named by most people!

This blog's name -

My blog's name is "Lisa's Life From Wellington" the main reason that I chose this name is because my blog was originally a place I could write to my family and friends about what my life in Wellington was like... hence the name. It may not be very original but it works.
When If I move away from Wellington in the future, I may also change the name of the blog, but for now it'll stay as it is.

Vehicle names -

Strangely I didn't name my car when I had it, it was an awesome little Ford Laser from 1991. I miss that car! Loren our flatmate said recently that her car doesn't have a name either. Weird how some people name their vehicles and others just don't seem to.
Some of the cars my Dad has owned over the years have had names.

Changing names at marriage -
When we (eventually) get married I said I'd like to take Daniel's last name. The main reason for this is because I currently have a constant battle of having a dreaded Duplicate Name - there's a number of us on the Electoral Roll here in New Zealand with the same First, Middle and Surnames. Luckily we are different in our birthdates and other details (like postal addresses).
On the whole people know me as Lisa anyway, so it's rare to hear anyone call me my full name (exceptions: parents and legal things).

Baby name's too go through stages of popularity - 
With the creation of new, different and special spellings of names it is nice to see normal names also making a comeback.

Even Daniel's name hasn't lost popularity over the years, consistently staying in the top 100 boy's names year in and year out.
Mine however has not made it back onto the top 100 girl's names for the past year.

I like looking at the top 100, or Top 1,000 names lists and seeing which names will come through school next. (Lisa is at 349 on that list, while Daniel is in the top 10 at number 9.)

But if you jump back to the 1980's when Daniel and I were both born and my name pops to number number 31, and Daniel jumps to number 7.

I have realised though that I have a penchant for old names - like Mabel, Gertrude - it reminds me of the nickname I had as a child... and yeah.

Medically speaking -

In the medical sense I wish more people referred to human anatomy in correct terminology - you can't see a vagina, you see the vulva... it's not pee it's urine, it's not a pee-pee it's a penis. Just be open and honest about (correctly) naming things.

Why complicate things?

Which names are you fond of?

Wish we used more of?

Until next week -
XO Lisa.

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