Sunday, 30 November 2014

It's starting to feel a lot like summer

It's coming into Summer time for us here in Kiwi Land.

I've been super busy organising dinners, and events. And I have another conference coming up next week on top of everything else I've been up to!

The days feel longer and sunnier.

 I'm currently enjoying listening to the birds chirping in the trees next to the car parking building next door. I just noticed that the neighbours cat is playing with a bug on the window sill. Adorable.

If you follow me on Instagram you'd see I've been growing out my nails, they're nicely longer now. Nail biting is a horrible habit to have. I am thankful to have done treatment this year to help my anxiety levels and my mental health overall. I'm using a clear nail polish (it's a top and base coat in one) to just have on my nails so I see it's a little shiney. This has helped me stop biting them, so has to be good.

The tree in the lane behind our apartment is lush with new green leaves, they've been there a little while now, maybe a month or so. It's great to look out and see beautiful nature instead of just bland concrete crisscrossed with graffiti,  spray painted art and other tagging.

The local streets have been pulled up and re-sealed around us too, which made for some construction noise filled nights. Wasn't so impressed at being kept up at the time. But the streets look great. I just hope they won't bleed tar everywhere all summer long! (Has been known to happen if the stones weren't thick enough over the tar).
Luckily I've learned some tricks for tar removal - such as using butter, or peanut butter, on the object that has tar on it. Getting it when it's freshly on helps too.
Just spread the butter onto the tar and then rub it off with something you don't care for (like paper towels) as you'll have to throw it out.

Hope everyone is well where you are.

Until next time,