Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Television and entertainment.

Lately I've been watching a lot of TV... It keeps me entertained and gets my mind off the anxious thoughts battling for screen time.

*Sorry for the late post. I try and have it scheduled to publish every Monday.
I noticed I've been watching a lot of shows which are typically Police Procedural themed such as other much loved shows I've been watching for years: CastleHawaii Five-O, NCIS and Psych.
Lately though I've been hooked on a new show called The Mysteries of Laura - the show is another typical police procedural show, although mixed up with a natalist view of the world (she's a mother of twin boys, and her ex husband is her police boss...) It is hilarious and entertaining.
I'm a child-free woman but I can appreciate (and laugh at) the parental humour intertwined in the show. Sadly The Mysteries of Laura is only a new show and there is still talk (and lots of speculation) about if the show will be cancelled or continue on for season 2.
The Mysteries of Laura (wiki)
The Mysteries of Laura (IMDB)

It is interesting as a topic on a number of the child-free groups I'm in on Facebook - a number of members think the show is too natalist for their liking, while others think it's hilarious - for example the twins are typically trouble makers! And Laura doesn't care for motherhood; She's career focused, but is a good mother at the same time. It's a weird juggle.

I'm still watching despite the icky children bits thrown in (eg. In one episode the twins are covered head to toe in paint...) Laura's clean up job is brilliant. And I would have done the same thing!

I am also loving that Debra Messing (who plays Detective Laura Diamond) is an actual sized person - she isn't a tiny model, and her character is always joking about body size and so on (but not in the mean way). It's just real. Honest. Blunt and real.
I love it.

I'm not so happy to have such trouble searching for the outfits from each episode though - hopefully someone out there hears my wishes and creates a website of just the outfits worn!

Thankfully Det. Kate Beckett's outfits (and the other characters on that show) can be seen here.
The cast of Hawaii Five-O's outfits are here.

Literal Psych gear can be found here as can NCIS gear (of Abby) here.

I don't only watch Cop shows - I've also been watching the latest season of The Walking Dead - thankfully we are now having the same screening day as the USA! So now it feels like New Zealand isn't so far behind (on TV show screening anyway).

What are you favourite shows of the moment?
Any ideas on where I can find more TV inspired outfit ideas?